Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Have a Blog?

Yeah, so it's been quit a while since I last wrote anything here. I've been pretty darn busy, so I don't feel too bad...I guess.

Anyway, things are cool. We haven't really had any troubles or misfortunes thankfully. I'm working on getting a scholarship that will pay for my tuition this semester. I spent hours filling in forms for Rie's return visa that she is required to apply for to be able to enter the United States. That became necessary because of a series of unfortunate circumstances which were kind of out of our control, because we were ignorant of them. But, I got everything filled out and all the required "evidence" organized and copied and sent everything of too the embassy yesterday. With any luck all will go smoothly.
Sara just keeps getting bigger and bigger…which I guess is what babies usually do considering they are small and growing. I don't really have any fantastic news or anything like that. She just keeps learning new things all the time and loves to drive her mom crazy. I've got some pictures of her in her class she goes to once a week, and doing some other stuff. There is also a picture of her eating strawberries, which she loves.

One thing that I got to do that was out of the old ordinary humdrum, was go to the temple (the LDS temple, not a Buddhist one) in Tokyo. It was my first time in Tokyo and my first time in a temple outside of the U.S. Interesting and enlightening experience, more so than usual. Yes I know that is not a complete sentence, sorry. Members of the ward and I drove there in a rented van starting at about 21:00 on Friday and got there at 5:00ish Saturday. They have places to take showers, change, clean up and things in a building next to the temple, so we all freshened up a bit before we went inside. We finished at about 14:00 and headed home right away. We got back to Kyoto at about 21:00. So it was a weird but fulfilling 24 hours.
Anyway, peace to y'all and check out my new blog that I'm starting up again and hopefully can carry through this time. A link is in the sidebar on the right. Some people may like it, some people may not. Tell me what you think.
See ya!