Monday, August 9, 2010

Time Flies, or Does it Tick and Tock?

What up, what up, WHAAAZZZUUUUUPPP!

Everybody good?

Time has gone by so fast this last month. I'm all done with school here in Japan and I think I finished fairly strong. I'm know that I at least graduated from the intensive Japanese program that I was in anyway. I've got one week of work left and a whole lot of stuff to pack. We're working on it slowly but surely.

I'm sure everyone has already heard, but thanks to Mom and Dad, we already have ourselves an apartment waiting for us when we get back. That is at least one big thing that we won't have to worry about. There is still that little thing about me not having a job and everything, but…yeah. Hopefully I can find something good.

We are excited to see everyone again and especially to got to Greer. Let's all have a good time.

Can you tell that I don't really have anything important to say and that I'm just talking away?

Later! Here is a picture of Sara.